Using Breast Massage Techniques after Breast Augmentation

Having a massage following a breast augmentation surgical procedure can accelerate healing of the cut and create the most excellent result. Whether massage is worthwhile after the surgical procedure or not depends on the kind of implant utilized and your doctor’s predilection. Not all cosmetic surgeons suggest massage. Those who do suggest it think that it decreases the development of scar tissue capsule all-around the implant. If you want to know more, learn about using breast massage techniques after breast augmentation.Breast Massage Techniques after Breast Augmentation

Reason for Massage

The reason of massage following breast augmentation is to avoid the development of extreme scar tissue, both within the incision and all-around the implant. Your body’s natural reaction to the presence of a foreign body is to accelerate the development of scar tissue. Your body desires to put in a nutshell any foreign bodies to avoid harmful microorganisms from going in further into the body. Your body encounters the cut as damage, and transmits fiber cells to the region of the cut to rectify the injury. White blood cells are hastened to the region and they aid wipe up the injury created by the cut.

Methods of Massage

Lymph drainage massage, which is a smooth circular rub down of the skin and the tissue right away beneath it where a bulk of lymph vessels are situated, decreases puffiness and accelerates healing of injured tissues. Extra forceful massage methods, on the other hand, are utilized to shift the implant and remain the tissue adjoining the implant smooth and pliable.

You may also start self-massage by warming and putting on a moisturizing cream or lotion. Massage tenderly in circular motions shifting all-around the breast tissue from the edges to the nipple. While you massage, the skin will calm down and feel warmer and smoother. Sooner or later you will be competent to feel more profound tissues all through the skin.

Subsequently, cover your hand all-around the base of the breast and compress, shifting the implant upward in its pouch. You cannot rupture the implant, thus do not be frightened to utilize solid force. Replicate two or three times daily provided your doctor suggests it.

Preventive Measures

Make sure to talk about massage with your surgeon prior making an effort to do it. Several implants are intended to remain in the adjoining tissue and massaging following your operation would be counterproductive. Do not start massaging until the cut restores to health, to prevent opening the cut and bringing about infectivity. Request your surgeon or surgical nurse for a demo of the appropriate massage methods.

If your breasts are not precisely stable following the surgical procedure, massage more profoundly over the higher breast to aid it fall to the level of the lower breast. If you feel that the implant is solidifying, make sure to visit your surgeon immediately. Inform your surgeon if one breast appears more solid compared to other, if you encounter stiffness and soreness, or if the position of the nipple alters.

Having a massage after breast augmentation procedures may require a conscious effort to ask your doctor if you can undergo one. He knows what will be best for your condition.

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